You can just Photoshop that, right? {The Woodlands, TX, wedding photographer}

Ah, a wedding photographer’s two favorite things: someone in your shot and “You can just Photoshop that, right?”

Oh, how I love technology. The answer is yes, of course. I couldn’t yell to the well-intentioned camera man in my shot (I’m sure I was his shot, too) to get out of my shot, because 1.) we were in the middle of a torrential downpour 2.) the couple ran through the doors and to the car in about 2 seconds 3.) he loves this couple and has a vested interest in their wedding 4.) and frankly, I don’t want to ask anyone not to take pictures. I want my brides to have lots and lots of pictures from their weddings. So, there’s good ol’ Photoshop to save the day.

Do you have a favorite picture that is ruined by something Photoshop could fix? Give me a call, and I’ll be happy to see if I can save it for you. the woodlands tx wedding photographer

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