Get her to the wedding on time! {Galveston, TX, wedding photographer}

So, if you’ve checked into the wedding side of my business, you can see that I’ve been slacking with my posts. I’m going to try to improve that; it still will be few and far between, because I’m so busy with my portraits side, but I want to make it fewer and far betweener.

I’m going to go back and post from some of my favorite weddings I shot before I ever started this blog. Since I shoot on my own, I rarely get a photo of myself working, so I thought I’d share a few phone pics that my most favoritest wedding coordinator took from my last beach wedding. Which, by they way, I’m only advertising shooting weddings in Galveston and destinations from now on. I figure if I’m going to be working a bazillion-hour day, I should be at the beach doing it.

Here’s a little rundown of our beach wedding day: The wedding started at midday, so it was an early start. I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and was too lazy to unpack my perfectly packed up gear to take a good shot. Cell phone it is. After getting a rental car, I waited in line for the Galveston ferry to get to Crystal Beach. I may or may not have been singing “I’m on a boat,” for the duration. Ok, yes. Yes I was.
andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer

I had rented a couple of long lenses (I’m constantly renting new lenses to see what I want to put on my wish list. Fellow photographers out there, I love to rent from Photo Rental Source in Houston; they are super fab.), so I had to take some shots from the ferry.
andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerAh, finally made it! The wedding was held at a beautiful beach house overlooking the ocean. I had to get the dress and the beach in the same pic.andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerIsn’t getting ready the most exciting part?! It’s almost time….
andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerHere comes the bride! I love, love, love to get the groom’s expression when he first sees his bride. andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerThis was parked outside next to the beach house, and I just thought it was so lovely.

andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerI’m super excited to start advertising with The Knot for weddings. I’ll attach the link to my store front when I get it up and running. If you’d love to book me for your beach wedding, give me a holler. 508.768.5808 or

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