my beach wedding picture…15 years late {The Woodlands, TX, beach wedding photographer}

Hello, friends! Are you ready for a back story? My super-duper-amazing-high-school-sweetheart husband and I got married 15+ years ago in his darling hometown Louisiana church where he grew up and his parents and many of our friends still attend. It was lovely, and I have some very sweet pictures from it. Here it comes…, BUT I really would have loved a beach wedding. We were practically babies still, and it wasn’t really feasible for us at the time, but I sure would have loved some honeymoon sunset beach pictures, at least. Fast forward to adulthood and many more photography options and many anniversaries later and you’re getting this post. For our 5-year anniversary, we were separated by war. For our 10-year anniversary, we had our first baby and renewed our vows in a beautiful ceremony of just the three of us. For 15 years, I told David all I wanted were some wedding-ish pictures on the beach from my favorite photographer. It fell through with her and after trying to contact/work with three other photographers (so I’m a little picky when it comes to my 15-year long dream), I finally gave up and decided to do it myself 6 months late. Here’s the end result of a family vacation to Pensacola Beach, a DVD on in the car for the two whiny-pants kids, a sunset, a tripod, and timer. the woodlands tx beach wedding photographerIf you’d like your own beach wedding (or honeymoon or, heck, 15-year anniversary) pics, give me a holler. It’s my goal to be on the beach–any beach–as often as I can all summer long. or 508.768.5808

Love, still-wanting-to-be-a-bride, Andrea

P.S. I promise to post some non-Andrea posts soon. I am so darn picky about the weddings I choose to shoot that I usually only do one or two a year. It’s like children for me…if I had any more, I’d feel guilty about neglecting the first ones. 🙂

P.P.S. Have you heard of I Heart Faces? It’s a super cute photography site that has great photo challenges. I thought this would be a great one for this month’s pastel theme. Wish me luck! 🙂

7 thoughts on “my beach wedding picture…15 years late {The Woodlands, TX, beach wedding photographer}

  1. I love that you two did this!!! It is an amazing picture by an amazing photographer! I feel so VERY blessed that you so graciously photographed our wedding and our beautiful baby girl 2 years later! The 2 most amazing events in my life, and there is no one else I would rather have capture these moments than you! Thank you and congratulations!!!!

    • Tawnee, the pleasure was all mine. I was thinking about your wedding the other day, and then Marty posted that it was your anniversary right after. Happy anniversary!!

  2. Good for you for making it happen! Such a beautiful image and know the back story and that you have your kiddos in the car makes it even more beautiful to me. Real life is just outstanding.

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