love in Galveston {Texas destination wedding photographer}

So, this first picture is sort of the perfect analogy of my life right now. (You like how I start off their love story with an anecdote about myself? In real life, I’d like to believe I’m not so narcissistic.)

No, I don’t mean that it’s the same because I have a crazy person running around me with things lit on fire (well, I do have two small, somewhat crazy-making children, so that might be the perfect description, actually). I mean that because my oh-so-dear clients decided to go and have all of their babies and all of their weddings and all of their milestones in the same month, while I’m trying to improve my work/life balance and our quality family time and have the best summer ever with my kids, my mind is a little mushy and full and frenetic from lack of sleep. (You see how long that sentence was? That’s sleep deprivation talking along with trying to be slightly funny, but really, how funny can I get on a blog post? Clearly, I need a cucumber martini and room for gesticulation to make my humor work.)

What I do mean is that amidst all the crazy but really beautiful things going on with life, at the heart of it all is lots and lots and lots of love. I am insanely in love with my family and my life and what I do for my clients. If you’ve ever read a blog post from me, I’m sure I’ve mentioned a time or two about how sappy I am when it comes to love. So, when I have the oh-so-great honor of shooting a wedding, I fall in love with all of it all over again.
galveston wedding andrea bacle photographygalveston wedding andrea bacle photography galveston wedding andrea bacle photography galveston wedding andrea bacle photography galveston wedding andrea bacle photography

andrea bacle weddings galveston txandrea bacle weddings galvestonLadies, thank you for letting me capture your special day for you–I especially enjoyed two wedding dresses, two diamond rings, and two pairs of heels. I hope you love these, and I can’t wait to show you the rest.

Love, Andrea

2 thoughts on “love in Galveston {Texas destination wedding photographer}

  1. These and the rest of the pictures are amazing. You captured our wedding perfectly and we will be able to cherish the memories and the photographs forever.

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