in love at the Houston Arboretum {destination engagement photographer}

You’ll see these two lovebirds again when I shoot their wedding in Galveston in a few months. For their engagement shoot, this lovely bride-to-be really wanted a fall feel. Good thing for us, you can get fall-ish colors in Houston in the middle of January. We spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon together in the woods at the Houston Arboretum, and they were sneaking kisses between the families walking by. houston arboretum engagement session destination weddingsSometimes I give little assignments to the couples on what to talk about, because if you ask a couple to just stand and look longingly into each others’ eyes, it usually starts to get stiff and look uncomfortable, plus there’s usually lots of awkward laughing. The trick is to have people do what you want to capture. A pose usually always looks posed. So here, I had them take turns whispering to each other and try to make the other one giggle. Sometimes I wish I could know what they are saying, but I’ve been married for 16+ years. I think I have a pretty good idea. houston engagement shoot andrea bacle photographyThis was the first shot of the session. These two are a little more on the conservative side, so before I told them to say anything too saucy to each other and really get them laughing, I think I was super hungry, so I told them to talk about what they were going to have for dinner after that. It helps to start with something mundane, because really, it must be very strange to have an old lady you’ve only met once before ask you to say dirty things to each other. Ok, maybe more creepy than strange, but it’s all for love–and great pictures, right??houston engagement shoot andrea bacle photography2This beautiful ring is just too pretty not to photograph. Gorgeous!houston engagement shoot andrea bacle

Sweet couple, I hope I gave you some good material for lots of laughs on the ride home. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. Eh, not really.  🙂

Good luck with the rest of the planning, and I’m so very excited to shoot your beautiful wedding in Galveston soon.

Love, Andrea

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