fun at The Heights Villa {Houston, TX, wedding photographer}

Hey, hey! Sorry for the delay. I’m in Maine, and I don’t think wi-fi has made it this far north yet. 🙂 So, last week in Chicago (long post to come about that), a friend asked me what my favorite things are to shoot. I think my answer was something to this effect:

It’s kind of a super big buzzkill when everyone is unhappy. There have been too many sessions recently when the babies were crying, or dad was mad, or mom was stressed because the kids were acting a fool, and it just wasn’t much fun for anyone.

So, my favorite things to shoot? When everyone is having a good time. When we’re celebrating love or a special occasion or a milestone. I am probably annoyingly happy and am definitely a sappy romantic, so fast forward a week later to me standing at this wedding when the groom said his vows—with me willing the tears to stay inside my tear ducts—and having that moment of, “Good grief, I really love this job.”

My real answer is that my favorite shoots are the ones where the people are in love. Mommas with their newborn babies, engagement shoots, families relaxed and happy on their best vacation ever….those are the best.

The next best situation is when it’s just plain fun. This wedding was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to. Ever. It was one of those weddings that made me wish I could get married all over again. Not only was this couple obviously in love and definitely best friends, but the bride’s parents had just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary (you know I love that!), the maid of honor and the bride had known each other for 30 years, and there was even a surprise bridesmaid “formation” at the end of the reception. I had fun from start to finish, and I think I was laughing, smiling, and crying from start to finish.

blog wedding post the gallery houston husband and wife kiss

I normally focus these previews on the brides, but the bridesmaids at this wedding were so great. They had a little sneaky peek to get the party going, and it was nothing but fun from there. Coconut rum and sun flare? That’s a party I can get on board with.

blog bridesmaids details the gallery houston

And here’s a shot of the bridesmaid shoes; they were too beautiful not too share. blog bridesmaids shoes jewels details the gallery houston

And then? The best music ever. My beautiful bride, I don’t know if that was your playlist or if you had the best DJ ever, but every song was PER-FECT. The wedding party entered the reception hall to Outkast, they played DJ Jubilee at one point, and they even fed me dinner. I mean, COME ON. This wedding and I were meant to be.

(PS, try it. I challenge you to say “Ain’t nobody dope as me,” and see what my kids say. I’ll give you a dollar if they don’t say the right answer.)

When the bride and I met for the first time, I think we both said how much we have in common several times: teachers, lefties, and one of my favorite students at the USAFA Prep School ever was named Valencia.

blog the gallery houston wedding

blog valencia wedding the houston gallery

So, I say all of this to tell you how much fun I had at your wedding, despite being stressed to the absolute max a mere 12 hours before, and I am so very honored that I was able to capture these beautiful—and fun—moments for you.

Love, Andrea

PS, the oh-so-lovely Kelly of Kelly Q’s Cakes was the one to put us in touch with each other, so I want to make sure I give her a super special shoutout. She is fabulous all the way around–oh, and her cakes are as tasty as they are beautiful.

blog kelly q cakes

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