nice day for a night wedding {destination wedding photographer}

So, as Jay-Z has taught us, we all know this: after the show

the show the woodlands waterway

it’s the after party,

the after party tommy bahamas the woodlands

then after the party, it’s the hotel lobby. 

The Woodlands Westin Hotel lobby to be specific. After the knot was tied and the drinks were drunk, I asked these lovebirds to meet me at The Westin for some night shots at The Waterway. If The Woodlands, TX, is on your travel list, you must head to The Waterway at night for a drink and/or dinner. I suggest the vegetarian, bigger-than-my-head nachos at Yucatan Taco Stand. But, all the food down there is great. And if you’re a dessert kinda person, grab a cannoli from Grimaldi’s. Anyway, we had the best time, if you can’t tell.

wedding the waterway nightswaterway nights weddingwaterway nights wedding the woodlands

No, neon green is not the ideal lighting scheme, but, hey, roll with it. It just takes a few extra steps in Photoshop to ease up the Kermit-like-skin-saturation effect from the lights, and then it looks pretty cool. nice day for a woodlands waterway night wedding

And when the lighting is too crazy to handle? Use the fail-safe technique: black and white conversion. (Bridal tip: If you plan on having wacky and fun lighting at your wedding or reception–like a DJ that loves to use flashing neon lights–tell your photog to go with it! If you don’t love that kind of lighting in your pics, tell your photog to go be heavy-handed with the black and white images.)nice day for a night wedding2

The coolest part about the lights around the fountain is that they continuously change colors.  nice day for a night wedding

The Waterway always seems to be my go-to spot to suggest for pics. What can I say? I’m a lucky girl. I live in the coolest part of Houston.

If you’re interested in booking a wedding, contact me to see if we’d be a good fit. I only book a few a year, so don’t wait to call!

Lots of love,



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